The Rio

Tales of Romance, Sensual Adventure, and Love

Ten Stories of Passionate Romance

Valentine's Day is heating up in the city

The Rio International Hotel is one of the trendiest spots in the city any night of the year. But on Valentine's weekend, the Rio becomes the only spot to experience romance in its hottest form.

Follow ten stories of adventurous couples who have decided that this Valentine's Day will be their chance for love, excitement, and unbound passion. One couple visits the Rio for their first real life face-to-face encounter and discovers exactly how compatible they might be. Another couple can't resist dragging unsuspecting hotel guests into their dangerous sexual fantasies. When sexy hotel patrons flaunt, flash, and storm their way through the hotel, even the Rio's professional staff is tempted to become swept up in the passionate games of their guests.

Every couple who stays the night discovers that sex is only part of the story when pushing their fantasies to the limit.

Those who stay home on Valentine's night never know what it's like to find love and experience passion...

at The Rio.

Gavin and Olivia

Olivia looked pained. "Why didn't you just say something?"

"I tried," Gavin replied. "I tried to change things up several times, but you always insisted that we do the same thing. That frustrated me more than anything else. To make matters worse, you've changed. I've changed."

"What do you mean you've changed?" she asked, a little defensively. "I've changed? How?"

"Liv, our... lack of success... has left you feeling low. I can see the change in your clothes and in your attitude."

"That can't be true!" she exclaimed.

"It is. And it's got to stop."

"Gavin, you're being unreasonable. I still have attractive clothes."

"Prove it," he said with a smirk...

Charles and Eve

Eve approached her husband boldly and put her arms around his neck. "Charles," she started, looking into his eyes, "can't we try?"

Returning her gaze, Charles seemed to consider it for a moment. A brief moment. He looked away. Reaching up, he gently, but firmly pulled her arms from around his neck, ignoring the brush of her breasts against his chest.

He said, "You are beautiful. I noticed. Your scent is... comfortable. But I just can't." He looked away. "I'm going to bed," Charles stated definitively and attempted to move past his wife into the bedroom, but she blocked him gently with an arm.

"Wait honey, I wanted to straighten up a bit, why don't you sit for a second," she said.

A new voice in smoking hot fiction

Introducing Chris Andrews, a new voice in the steamy hot romantic fiction genre. Chris's writing will leave you breathless and wanting more.

The Rio

A hotel with many stories

Surprising. Illicit. Erotic.

These are just some of the adjectives that describe the smoking hot writing of Chris Andrews in a new collection of short stories, The Rio: Tales of Romance, Sensual Adventure, and Love. Read sexy tales of couples who come to the Rio and discover that relationships can be hotter and more complicated than they ever imagined.

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